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Royal Thai Embassy organised the activities to celebrate the ASEAN Day with ASEAN representative in Lima

On 7 September 2011, Royal Thai Embassy in Lima organized activities jointly with the Embassies of Indonesia and Malaysia to celebrate the ASEAN day at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Lima.

The activities to celebrate the ASEAN day were divided into 3 parts namely the Exhibition about ASEAN and each individual member country of ASEAN in Lima, the Seminar under the theme “ASEAN today” and the Reception hosted by 3 embassies at the Indonesian Residence.

During the exhibition, Each ASEAN member presented to the audience its national cultural show and arts. More information of ASEAN like history of the integration, the today transformation of ASEAN and the current policies of ASEAN as well as the role of ASEAN in the United Nations and the cooperation between ASEAN and Latin America (lectured by Ambassador Narachit Sinhaseni, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations in New York ) has been given to the distinguished guests and all students for the better understanding about ASEAN in the Peruvian community and the promotion of awareness on ASEAN among Peruvian public.

The Asean Day ‘s activity created the sense of cooperation not only among ASEAN representatives in Lima but also among ASEAN and education sector. This event received good response from the students at the Catolica University and all invited guested.

determining the appropriate cooperation in the future. Besides, the Royal Thai Embassy in Lima has also established connections with the local authorities which would help facilitate the future cooperation and missions of the Embassy.