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H.E. Ambassador of Thailand to the Republic of Peru visited the Region of Cusco at the invitation of the Cusco Regional Government to discuss on the possibility of the participation by Thai private investors in the Mega Projects in Cusco

H.E. Mr. Kamthorn Sithtichoti, Ambassador of Thailand to Peru paid a visit to Cusco between 14 – 17 July 2012 at the invitation of H.E. Mr. Jorge Isaacs Acurio Tito, the President of the Cusco Region to discuss with high ranking executives of the regional government on the possibilities of the participation by the Thai private investors in the 2 mega development projects of Cusco region namely, the 400 million USD project on the construction and administration of the Airport Chinchero Cusco to provide and facilitate services to the rapidly increasing numbers of tourists and the construction of the 100 milion USD project on the establishment of a cement factory, which are considered to be the top 2 priority projects of the regional government.

H.E. Ambassador Sithtichoti also discussed with the Regional Director of Tourism on the promotion of bilateral technical cooperation in tourism. i.e. . The training course offered by Thailand to the personnel in tourism industry of Cusco, the exchange of visits of tourism personnel, the establishment of “sister cities” relationship between Cusco and the provinces of Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, which are also recognized  as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The Regional Director of Tourism also informed H.E. Ambassador Sithtichoti that Cusco always welcome Thai investment in the 5-star hotels for high-end tourists, and the world class Thai restaurant in Cusco.

The discussion between H.E. Ambassador Sithtichoti and the Executives of Cusco Region was a follow –up of the earlier discussion on 20 February 2012  between the President of the Cusco Region and H.E. Mr. Jullapong Nonsrichai, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Thailand during the latter’s visit to Cusco between 18 -21 February 2012.

Cusco is now the most important tourism city in Peru and Latin America, which is recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and is the location of Machu Picchu, which is recognized as one of the seven New World Wonders. The principal and main earning stems from tourism industry, which has been rapidly growing. Last year (2011) the number of tourists visiting Cusco reached 1,200,000 visitors.