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Ambassador Kamthorn Sithtichoti presided over the Peruvian National Competition of Muay Thai 2012

On August 18, 2012, Ambassador  Kamthorn Sithtichoti and madam presided over  the Peruvian National Competition for Muay Thai 2012 as invited by the Peruvian Muay Thai Sporting Federation.

The national competition of Muay Thai of Peru is held annually by this organization and the Champions of each level ( youth, male and female) are listed in the website  www.muaythaiperu.com . These excellent national  fighters are scheduled to be representatives of Peru soon to fight in the Panamerican Tournament , to be held in Brasil during the first week of December this year.

Ambassador Sithtichoti received the honor to hand over the Champion Trophies to the champions. The Royal Thai Embassy has supported this activity by financial donation for making trophies and  offered Thai snacks to be served during the competition, which is another way to promote Thai cultures.

Muay Thai is very popular in Peru and Latin-American countries. So far there are more than 35 martial arts school that include Muay Thai in their programmes.  The Royal Thai Embassy in Lima appreciate s also the mutual supports from the Peruvian Muay Thai Sporting Federation in promoting Muay Thai art on many cultural activities, the Royal Thai Embassy organizes or participates in.