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ASEAN Committee in Lima organised the activities to celebrate ASEAN DAY at the National University of San Marcos


On 30 October 2013, ASEAN Committee in Lima (ACL), which consists of Embassy of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, jointly organized an activity to celebrate the anniversary of ASEAN (ASEAN Day) at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru.



This activity was aimed at promoting ASEAN cultures as well as ASEAN identity to Peruvian academic institute through exhibitions and cultural shows. In this occasion the Ambassador of Malaysia as ACL’s chairman gave an introduction speech about history of ASEAN and progress of ASEAN Economic Community, including ASEAN Connectivity policies.



For Thailand, mobile exhibitions about Thailand as well as Thai arts and crafts had been displayed while information brochures about Thailand were distributed to all guests. The Royal Thai Embassy received great cooperation from the Peruvian Federations of Muay Thai to perform Muay Thai demonstration by young Muay Thai Peruvian boxers. Each embassy also provided some 1-2 types of national appetizers for guests to taste.


This activity created the sense of cooperation and harmonization between ASEAN member representatives in Lima and also represented good cooperation between them and academic institute. This event received good response from the students, professors as well as the vice rector for academic affairs of the University, Dr. Antonia Castro Rodriguez, who was the co-host of the event.