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ASEAN Committee in Lima organised the activities to promote awareness about ASEAN at the Catholic University of Peru.


On 3 April 2014, ASEAN Committee in Lima (ACL), which consists of Embassy of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, jointly organized an activity to promote awareness about ASEAN at the Catholic University of Peru as invited by the Club of Internacia under the Faculty of Social Science. This event was considered the first cultural and informative event Internacia ever organizes with diplomatic representatives in Lima.



This activity was aimed at promoting ASEAN cultures as well as ASEAN identity to Peruvian academic institute through exhibitions and cultural shows. In this occasion Mr. Alan Fairlie, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, gave the welcoming speech to ASEAN representatives, at the event. Mr. Nitirooge Phoneprasert, Minister Counselor of the Royal Thai Embassy as representative of ACL Chairman gave a lecture on the establishment and the progress of ASEAN with emphasis on ASEAN Community, within the 3 pillars including political-security, economic and sociocultural areas.



For Thailand, mobile exhibitions about Thailand as well as Thai arts and crafts had been displayed while information brochures about Thailand were distributed to all guests. The Royal Thai Embassy prepared a Thai dance and cooperated with Peruvian Federations of Muay Thai for Muay Thai demonstration by young Muay Thai Peruvian boxers. Each embassy also provided some typical dishes for food tasting. Besides promoting the sense of cooperation among ASEAN member representatives in Lima, the activity was given a warm welcome and good response from both faculty members and students and 120 participants who attended.