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The Royal Thai Embassy in Lima and the Peruvian Federation of Muay Thai jointly organized the activity to celebrate International Muay Thai Day.

In recognition of the International Muay Thai Day on 6 February, the Royal Thai Embassy in Lima and the Peruvian Federation of Muay Thai (FPMT) organized an event at the National Stadium on 5 February 2015 showcasing Muay Thai demonstration by Children and 7 Muay Thai bouts.

All Muay Thai fighters for the bouts were representatives of different Muay Thai training schools in Peru. The main event of the night featured the 63.5 kilos category fight between Mr. Renato Mansilla, known as “Filete”, the winner of Muay Thai Peruvian and Latin-American Champion of 2013, and Mr. Peter Giraldo, known as “El Facha”.

There were 200 people of all ages attended the event which saw another great success on the promotion of Muay Thai among Peruvians with the supports of the Peruvian Institute of Sport.

Muay Thai is a very popular sport in Peru and Latin-American countries. Throughout Peru, there are more than 35 martial arts school that include Muay Thai in their trainings.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Lima has been receiving good cooperation from FPMT in sending its members to participate in various activities organized by the Embassy to promote Thai culture and Muay Thai.

There will be a celebration of Muay Thai day in Bogota Colombia. The Muay Boran Rammakien School plans to organize a seminar about “Wai Kru” for students and members of the International Muay Boran Academy on 15 February 2015.