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Ambassador of Thailand participated in the seminar entitled “Global Summit on Doing Business across the Continents” organized by CENTRUM Graduate Business School of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

During 25 – 26 February 2015, Ambassador Ruengdej Mahasaranond participated in the seminar entitled “Global Summit on Doing Business across the Continents” organized by CENTRUM, Graduate Business School of the Pontifical Catholic University, one of the well-known universities in Peru.

The seminar on “Global Summit on Doing Business across the Continents” was a great this year academic event organized by Graduate Business School or “CENTRUM”. This seminar was aimed at promoting necessary knowledge of international trade relations, analyzing the opportunities and challenges within the world markets. It offered opportunities for the participants to discuss on how to foster a prosperous business environment among various countries worldwide, taking into account the cultural diversity, different types of risks as well as the economic policies. CENTRUM organized a briefing on economic, trade and investment processes of each country in various continents as well as a roundtable session participated by ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from countries namely Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Chile and Turkey, including representatives from academic institutes of Peru and foreign countries like Sweden and Germany.

Ambassador Mahasaranond gave an overview on, among others, business, trade and investment opportunities in Thailand, Thailand’s economic indicators and potentials, economic integration of ASEAN known as AEC, bilateral trade between Thailand and Peru and the world, list of potential export products from Thailand and Peru. He also informed 100 participants about Thai government policies on various aspects: infrastructure development, transportation networking, establishment of special economic zones and the policy on investment promotion to foster oversea Thai investment and SMEs.

The seminar received positive response from the participants. It counted as an opportunity to showcase economic potentials of Thailand in order to build confidence and enhance a closer network between the Embassy and academic institutions.