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Online Application for Visa on Arrival.

The Royal Thai Government has launched the online application service for Visa on Arrival (VoA) to facilitate foreign nationals who want to go to Thailand on tourism purposes at the immigration arrival checkpoints via Suvarnabhumi International Airport only. The online application can be accessed through www.immigration.go.th > Online Application for Visa on Arrival. Citizens of the following countries or territories are eligible to apply for VoA:

- Taiwan
- Ukraine
- The Republic of Uzbekistans
- The Republic of Bulgaria
- The Republic of Malta
- Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia
- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- The People's Republic of China
- The Republic of Cyprus
- The Republic of India
- Romania
- The Principality of Andorra
- The Republic of Maldives
- The Republic of Mauritius
- The Republic of Kazakhstan
- The Kingdom of Bhutan
- The Republic of Latvia
- The Republic of San Marino
- The Republic of Lithuania


Please note that:

  1. The VoA must be used only on the date of issuance
  2. Applicants must
    2.1 be the citizens of nationalities in accordance with the Ministry of Interior’s announcement 
    2.2 not be subject under section 12 Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (A.D. 1979)
    2.2 have confirmed return ticket within 15 days
    2.3 notify the address in Thailand that can be verified
    2.4 have appropriate means of living (10,000 Baht/person or 20,000 Baht/family)
  3. Passports must be genuine and over 30 days validity
  4. The purpose of visit is for tourism within a period of 15 days
  5. Visa fee is paid in cash in Thai currency only and is non-refundable